Determine your strain?

October 4, 2022

When it comes to finding the right cannabis strain for you, there are a few things to take into consideration: What are you looking for in your high? Are you trying to aid in relaxation and anxiety relief? Are you looking for a creative boost? At Juniper Jill, we are sure to have the perfect strain for any cannabis consumer.

The three basic strains are sativa, indica, and hybrid. At Juniper Jill, we’ve carefully curated collections of these strains for specific effects, to create unique experiences for cannabis connoisseurs: Brilliance, Symmetry, and Reflection.

Brilliance is sativa dominant. Strains in this collection offer a more energetic and productive buzz, producs more of a “head high,” and can help with reducing anxiety and stress, as well as increasing creativity. Brilliance strains are best used during the day or when you need a little boost.

Reflection is indica dominant, with a higher CBD content compared to sativa strains. Strains in the Reflection collection are generally used for relaxing and calming effects. These strains produce more of a body high, can aid with nausea and pain, and can increase appetite. Because of its relaxing effects, Reflection strains are best enjoyed in the evening or when you can just melt away and enjoy your buzz.

Symmetry strains are a hybrid mix of indica and sativa strains, which are generally bred to produce specific effects. Symmetry strains can be used for a variety of unique things, from anxiety relief to easing chemotherapy side effects, to everyday use. Some prefer hybrids as the effects are more balanced.

As always, consult your local budtender to find the right strain for you and be sure to let them know if you have sensitivities such as paranoia or anxiety when using cannabis.

Must be 21+. Please consume responsibly