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Juniper Jill gold and white Brilliance 1/8oz flower box with cannabis flower in white jar

Our flower jars hold 1/8oz of premium, hand-trimmed bud, packaged in pristine opaque glass jars to preserve integrity.

Juniper Jill black, gold, and white Reflection Pre-Roll 6 Pack box with pre-roll joints

Our pre-roll pack contains six 1/2g, single-strain pre-rolls, expertly packaged for on-the-go cannabis connoisseurs.

Juniper Jill Symmetry 1g Single Pre-Roll white and gold box with pre-roll single joint

Our 1g single pre-rolls are hand-rolled with single-strain, premium flower and packaged in glass tubes for easy transport.

Juniper Jill white and gold gummy tin

Our 10mg THC vegan gummies are infused with a unique terpene blend to give you the ultimate buzz.

What effect are you seeking?

Are you trying to aid in relaxation and anxiety relief? Looking for a creative boost? Whether you’re seeking a head high, a body high, or a mix of both, we have the perfect strain. And we’ve carefully curated collections of these strains for specific effects, to create unique experiences for cannabis connoisseurs like you.

Juniper Jill named winner in GDUSA’s 60th Anniversary Package Design Awards for two categories: Cannabis and Luxury.

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