Amazing Women in Weed

March 27, 2024

Martha Stewart

Just by looking at her, you’d never guess Martha Stewart would be involved in the weed industry. As we all should know by now, looks can be very deceiving.

Early life

Martha Stewart was born Martha Helen Kostyra in Jersey City, NJ on August 3, 1941. She was the second of six children to her school-teacher parents. When Martha was 3, the family relocated to Nutley, NJ. When she was around 10, she began working as a babysitter. Her clients were children of the New York Yankees, big names like Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra. Around this same time, she began to model. Her first big gig was an ad for Unilever when she was 15. She continued to model, even while attending Barnard College, majoring in art. While growing up, she inherited a lot of her families passions that would shape her future. She learned to cook and sew from her mother, she got her passion for gardening from her father, and she learned to can and preserve from her grandparents in Buffalo, NY. All things that would come back to help her begin the career we know today. While attending college, she met and married her husband, Andrew Stewart. She gave birth to their only child, a daughter, Alexis Stewart, in 1965.

Career before weed

In 1967, she began her career as a stockbroker. During this time, the family relocated to Westport, Ct. in 1976, she started a catering company with business associate Norma Collier. Stewart bought out Collier after she said Martha was hard to work with and was taking additional jobs on the side without her knowledge. After catering the party for her husband’s book release, she was approached by Crown Publishing group to develop a cookbook. She released her first cookbook in December of 1982 and has released dozens since. In 1990, she released her first issue of Martha Stewart Living. Soon, she was approached to make a television show. She began in 1993 with a weekly half hour cooking show. By 1997, she had expanded to weekdays, and by 1999 she had a full hour show with a half hour show on the weekends. She has been a contributor to NBC’s Today Show, the Early Shiw on CBS, and has starred in several prime time Holiday specials. In 2002, she held a position on NY’s stock exchange board of directors, but she resigned 4 months later when she was arrested on felony fraud charges. In June of 2003, she was indicted on 9 counts, including securities fraud and obstruction of justice. Stewart had gotten insider trading word that her stocks were about to plummet and she sold them all before they did. Following her arrest, she stepped down as CEO and chairwoman of MSLO, but stayed on as Chief Creative Officer. Stewart was sentenced to 5 months in a federal prison and 2 years supervised release. Many thought this was the end of her career, but it only seemed to catapult her into mega fame. Stewart went on to rebirth Martha Stewart Living and began offering her line at KMart and Sears. She launched her Martha Stewart Living show and released multiple lifestyle and cook books.

The Odd Couple

Before her foray into CBDs, Martha had only smoked cannabis once in her adult life, when her husband shared a joint with her. She did not care for the experience and vowed to never touch weed again. That is until a very special guest was booked on her show. In 2008, Snoop joined Martha on her TV show to make mashed potatoes. They had such a fun time together, she invited him back the following year for her Christmas special to make brownies. When she added green sprinkles to make them a bit more festive, Snoop joked about adding a different green ingredient. It was in 2015 at the Comedy Central roast of Justin Beiber that Snoop said he fell in love with her and she first experienced his second hand high. Martha said that she actually enjoyed the feeling very much and it changed her opinion on the plant. She still doesn’t smoke, but enjoys the second hand experience very much. “I must tell you, it makes me feel really good. It does not disturb my concentration. In fact, I think it makes it even better and it doesn’t make me tired or any of the things people say [weed] does to them. It’s fantastic-I think it’s great!”  She credits Snoop with opening her mind to incorporate all the benefits of the plant into her own lifestyle and has been an advocate for the potential health benefits. He helped her discover that CBDs were a simple, effective, and natural solution to life’s daily discomforts.  At the end of 2020, Stewart launched her own CBD line and uses her products to incorporate CBDs into cooking, wellness routines, and even pets care. While she focuses on CBDs, she has expressed openness to exploring the broader weed market, which include THC products. The beginning of 2024 saw yet another Marth Stewart/Snoop Dogg collaboration with Best Bud Bags. Martha’s eye for design and Snoop’s knowledge of smoking accessories made for a perfect blend of fashion and function for stoners. Each purse features a specially designed Bic EZ reach lighter incorporated into the purse closure and special interior pockets for stashing your favorite strains.

While she may be holding off on THC products for now, her CBD line is taking the market by storm. It seems that anything she touches turns to gold, so we can only assume a THC line would do the same. It’s hard to deny that anything with her name on it, is going to be successful.