Amazing Women in Weed

April 10, 2024

Chelsea Handler

Early Life

Chelsea Handler once said, “In my America, there would be weed, dogs, and money on every corner.” With legalization coming in more and more states, this sentiment is not that far off. The youngest of 6 children to her homemaker mother and car salesman father, Chelsea Hanlder was born February 25, 1975, in Livingston, NJ. She spent her childhood and teen years attending school and summering in Martha’s Vineyard. While at Livingston High School, Handler got her first glimpse of inequality in the justice system. She and her boyfriend at the time, who happened to be black, were caught three times with a small amount of weed in their possession. Not realizing it at the time, she saw herself excused to walk home each time, while her boyfriend was arrested-a glaring show of racial inequality. At the age of 19, she moved to live with her Aunt in Bel Air to pursue acting. At the age of 21, Handler received a DUI and was ordered to attend DUI classes. While she was telling the class about her experience being arrested, they were doubled over with laughter. It was then she decided to go into stand-up comedy.

Enter Stage Right

Handler first got her taste of fame in 2002 on Oxygen’s Girls Behaving Badly, running until 2005. Her attitude and delivery made her a must-watch episode after episode. After that, she appeared as a guest on many sitcoms and TV shows, even as a correspondent on The Tonight Show. In 2006, she began hosting her show, the Chelsea Handler Show. The following year, she did a segment on Comedy Central’s Hour Stand-Up Tour before launching her late-night show, Chelsea Lately. The show was a huge success with over 1,000 shows, ending in 2014. Since then, she has not stopped, filming specials and documentaries. Her latest endeavor is in the weed biz.

Nature’s Little Helper

Handler’s reputation for being outspoken and unapologetic in her views is what made her a household name, but she knows this hasn’t always garnered her a good reputation. She has been openly looking for ways to relax and “calm down”. While she had found refuge with alcohol, she no longer was interested in the hangovers and the damage alcohol can do. She has openly spent the last few years in therapy and says that today, “she is no longer an asshole.” Her journey to self-discovery began with weed playing a central role. She was looking for a way to “sit down and shut up.” Meditation was a great way to achieve the stress relief she was looking for, but she had a hard time relaxing and zoning out. Enter weed. It has given her to ability to sit quietly and develop the meditation routine she uses today. She also credits weed for giving her much-needed patience, helping her sleep, and stabilizing her mood. While she tokes up from time to time, she prefers weed-infused beverages and edibles to traditional smoke. Choosing the right strains has allowed her to skip the coffee to jump-start her day and her routine of weed and meditation has replaced caffeine. She will still light up a joint but has said it tends to bother her throat. She feels that infused beverages are a great alternative to alcohol and traditional weed. One big change weed has made in her life is replacing her prescriptions with cannabis. “I’m very passionate about cannabis because it has been a great pivot from pharmaceuticals.” She has swapped out all of her meds for cannabis, still getting the mental and physical relief she needed. Aside from weed, Handler is also open about micro-dosing psilocybin, aka mushrooms. She takes just a small piece of mushroom-infused chocolate to relax and boost her creativity. She found her love for psilocybin during lockdown, sharing it with her landscaper. “Microdosing mushrooms is a game-changer, and psilocybin is good for everybody. It puts you in a good mood, it keeps you upbeat, and makes you appreciate nature.” She is so passionate about introducing weed to those who have never tried it or have had a bad experience, she even got a nun high once! The nun followed up with her and told her it had loosened her up so much! Handler told her that’s all she was looking for people to loosen up, relax, and enjoy life to its fullest extent.

In the Weed Biz

Being so passionate about weed made it only seem right to enter the market herself. In 2019, she partnered with NorCal Cannabis Company, one of the biggest operators in California, aiming to not only promote medical cannabis but to offer a cannabis line with women in mind and focus on education. “I wanted to take my experience and create something specifically for women who have either never tried it before, or who had a bad experience 20 years ago. We were missing the educational component to cannabis, and now with the legalization of cannabis and micro-dosing, we are in a whole new world of possibilities.” She teamed with Leisuretown in 2022 offering low-calorie and low-sugar infused beverages. Once psilocybin is legalized and regulated, we can only assume she will be getting into that game as well.

With her arsenal of knowledge, experience, and passion, this is only the beginning of us seeing Handler in the weed business. One thing is for sure, she will be enjoying her journey!