Amazing Women in Weed-Lady Gaga

May 1, 2024

Lady Gaga

A Star is Born

We may know her as Lady Gaga, but she is also an advocate for weed. Born Stefani Germanotta, Lady Gaga came into this world in Manhattan on March 28, 1986. While both of her parents came from close to nothing, they worked very hard to bring their children into a very nice upper-middle class NYC lifestyle. Both Catholic Italians, Gaga attended Catholic school as a child. While she did well educationally, she was constantly mocked for being too provocative and eccentric. She began piano lessons at the age of 4 and while she was classically taught, she even now writes her music by ear. When she was 10, Gaga began attending open mic nights to show off her talents. She wasn’t just gifted with singing, she also had a talent for acting. She was the lead in many of her school and local plays. She went on to study method acting for over 10 years and was given early admission at age 17 to NYU’s Tisch School of Arts Collaborative Arts Project 21 in 2003, where she studied music. In 2005, she withdrew from her courses to concentrate on her music career.

The Lady herself

By 2005, Gaga had recorded two songs and was performing locally. After an event, talent scout Wendy Starland recommended her to producer Rob Fusari. Fusari is the one who first called her Lady Gaga in 06’ and it stuck. The n 2006, she was signed to Def Jam records, only to be dropped three months later. Before moving to LA in 08’, Gaga performed burlesque shows and molded her onstage persona with the helps of Lady Starlight, famous burlesque dancer. Once she made the move to the West coast, she finally recorded her debut album, The Fame. Within weeks she was #1 in Australia, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, and was top 5 in the US. Since then, she has released multiple albums, acted in American Horror Story, A Star is Born, and more. She has won countless awards, has performed at Super Bowl halftime, and even has a Vegas residency under her belt. Aside from her music and acting career, Gaga has started numerous foundations to benefit the LGBTQ+ community.

Enter weed, stage right

Gaga has been open with her cannabis use for many years. She really embraced it after she was sexually assaulted by her producer at the age of 19 and used it to disassociate with the world around her. After fracturing her hip, she took a nose dive into the cannabis world, admitting she felt she was addicted at one point. She would keep herself so high that she would just float through life, as to not have to deal with the emotional and physical pain she was in. She stated she purposely was “living on a totally other psychedelic plane”, smoke 15-20 joints a day. She has admitted to having a much healthier relationship with the plant now, only smoking a little for fun and pain relief now. Years of pushing her body to the limits with her on stage act has left her suffering with fibromyalgia and constant pain. Fibromyalgia is a widespread disease that causes full body pain and constant fatigue. In addition to the pain and fatigue, the stress of being a star and touring the world brings its own set of problems. The anxiety and stress was getting to her, but she knew how to help. As many other have, she said that smoking has helped ease that pain and anxiety, while boosting creativity without the need for pharmaceuticals.

As we all know by now, the medial benefits of cannabis are so great and have been proven to be helpful for a number of ailments. Lady Gaga is a beacon of not only creativity and talent, but that cannabis can be used for more than just getting high.