Signature Collection Guide

January 10, 2023

As we all know, things are starting to move forward within the cannabis industry.  We want to make sure that when the time comes, you know exactly what Juniper Jill purchase is right for you. We offer a strain for any desired effect and aroma, and categorizing our strains into our signature collections helps make that decision even more seamless. You can use our Signature Collection Guide to help figure out what to buy for the buzz you’re looking for.



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Power up with positive energy for crunch time, nights out or any moment that moves you. This collection features sativa dominant strains to give you a creative and energetic boost. A great way to start your day or as an afternoon pick me up.

Strains we offer in our BRILLIANCE Collection:

  • Bigfoot Glue – Piney, floral, and sour flavors leave you in a state of uplifting relaxation / THC 25%
  • Farmer’s Daughter – Creative and energy boost with potent grapefruit and gas flavors / THC 26-30%
  • Hella Jelly – Fruity, cotton candy flavor provides a potent yet energizing high / THC 26-30%
  • Hi-Biscus – Fruit punch and hibiscus flavor bring a euphoric and creative boost / THC 20%
  • Raspberry Parfait –Raspberry and vanilla yogurt flavors with a focused, creative boost / THC 17-22%



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Sustain the bliss and balance to transform whatever the day brings. A great mid-day or afternoon hybrid that offers a perfectly balanced buzz for the right combination of relaxation and inspiration.

Strains we offer in our SYMMETRY Collection:

  • Fortune Cookie – Creamy and nutty flavors with a potent and relaxing buzz / THC 22-26%
  • Humboldt Pound Cake – Rich, earthy flavors bring a quick, relaxing and euphoric high / THC 25-30%
  • Nutter Budder – Calming and sedating with a smooth and nutty flavor and satisfying high / THC 26-30%
  • Poddy Mouth – An intense, euphoric, and relaxing effect with an earthy, sweet aroma / THC 24-30%
  • SupaFreak – Floral, fruit, spice, and skunk aromas deliver a blissful, relaxing euphoria / THC 17-22%



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Dissolve aches and release worries for restful sleep and deep relaxation. Aromatic Indica dominant strains for the end of the day or pre-bedtime to melt away all your stresses.

Strains we offer in our REFLECTION Collection:

  • All Gas OG – Skunky and gassy, with notes of orange, will leave you in a state of uplifting relaxation / THC 25%
  • Blueberry Muffin – Fresh baked muffin aroma and an energizing and uplifting high to aid creativity and de-stress / THC 16-19%
  • Don Carlos – Potent sour and piney flavors with a hint of blackberries provide a relaxing effect / THC 24%
  • Garlic Budder – Extremely potent high with savory notes of garlic and creamy butter perfect for relaxation / THC 28-32%
  • Humboldt Headband – Notes of lemon and diesel with a sweet, super heady and relaxing high / THC 21-23%
  • Notorious THC – Earthy and gassy terpenes pair perfectly with relaxing or as a sleep aid / THC 25-30%
  • Pistachio – Creamy pistachio, hazelnut, and gas aromas provide full bodied relaxation and cerebral stimulation / THC 24-28%
  • Vanilla Crème Pie – Vanilla, citrus, and pine flavors with a euphoric and deeply relaxing buzz /THC 23-25%

Once available in dispensaries, you can always consult with your Budtender if you are searching for specific effects or use this guide to help make your decision easier. One thing is for sure, no matter the needs of the cannabis connoisseur, Juniper Jill has a top quality strain perfect for any occasion.

Must be 21+. Please consume responsibly.