All about vapes

July 25, 2023

Vapes are becoming a very popular way of enjoying cannabis. With its benefit of little-to-no smell and its portability, it is a great way to enjoy cannabis on the go. Vapes are also a great way to introduce cannabis to new consumers, as the hit they produce is much smoother than flower and the high isn’t as intense. Vapes come in a variety of different styles, but they all contain a cartridge that is filled with THC distillate or rosin. Rosin is a sticky cannabis concentrate that is extracted without the use of chemicals. Cannabis is pressed between two heated plates and the gorgeous honey-like substance oozes out to be collected. Because the surface of the press is only lightly heated, no flavor or potency is lost in the process and the terpenes are not affected. This results in a potent and flavorful substance that can be used for dabs or put into a vape cart for convenient consumption.

The cartridges are unique in themselves, as they contain three parts: the mouthpiece, the chamber, and the atomizer (the heating element that is powered by the vape’s battery). When working together, they produce a light and satisfying vapor that delivers a smooth high. No lighting is required and no smoke to worry about. You can usually find half-gram or one full-gram vapes available in dispensaries.

The quality of your rosin will depend on the quality of the cannabis being pressed and can be made using flower, kief, or hash. If you want a potent and impressive distillate, you need to press top-quality bud. Shake and trim are not used for distillate as they do not contain a lot of THC or terpenes. The same goes for kief or hash-make sure the quality of bud going into those is high to ensure an enjoyable vape session.

When making rosin, most people will use your dried flower. While you can find at-home rosin-making kits, many find it easier to purchase pre-filled carts as filling the empty carts can be time-consuming and messy. Many distillates are cut with additives because the straight rosin is too viscous and thick to use alone. The most common cutting agent is terpenes. Adding terpenes can also help enhance the overall flavor of the distillate, as well. The most common terps for an energetic and uplifting high are limonene and pinene, while myrcene and linalool provide a calming and relaxing high. Other common cutting agents are coconut oil and glycols and glycerine. Glycol and glycerine-cutting agents can produce a harsh hit and can irritate some consumers, so we suggest sticking with a terpene-cut vape. If you are ever concerned, talk to your budtender about what cutting agent is used in the vape you are interested in. As always make sure you purchase your vapes from a reputable dispensary, as unlicensed vape manufacturers can sell you carts filled with contaminants and unsavory cutting agents that can be harmful to your health. Many illegal vapes have been tested and proven to contain Vitamin E acetate which is a dangerous substance if inhaled. Any vapes purchased from legal dispensaries have been lab tested and cannot be sold unless the cart meets strict criteria for sale.

Another way to make distillate is flash freezing to make live rosin. To get live rosin, you have to use fresh frozen buds, making ice water hash. Because buds are flash-frozen in their prime, the result is a terp and flavor-filled live rosin. Plants are grown to maturity and harvested, then put into a cryogenic freezer. Once frozen, they are put into a bucket and covered with ice water, and stirred, helping to break the frozen trichomes off. The ice water mix is then strained through a series of sieves. The buds are then oven dried and pressed, and the rosin is collected.

There are a few different types of cartridges that you can find in dispensaries. The most common is the 510-thread vapes. The name comes from the tanks 5mm length and 10 threads that connect the cart to the vape. You will only need to change the cartridge when you run out. These vape bases need to be charged to work and tend to need more charging than a disposable version. These carts fit any vape that can accommodate a 510 cart, so you can find a fun vape that fits your personality and just change out the carts as needed.

Another option is the disposable vape. The vape comes in one piece and once used, is tossed and completely replaced. The batteries on disposable vapes tend to last longer and rarely need charging, though most do come with a charging port in case it is needed.

Pod vapes are also available, but not as common for THC. Many of these are device specific and can only be used with a coordinating device. Once your pod is empty, you replace it with a full one that fits your vape.

While all of these types of vapes work well, you just need to find which style works best for your needs. Once you do find one that works for you, all that’s left is to decide which type of cart you need. Now you have a discreet and easily portable way to get high when you’re on the go!

Must be 21+. Please consume responsibly.