A convenient cannabis dosing guide

March 28, 2023

If you are new to cannabis culture, having a convenient cannabis dosing guide can be a really helpful tool. Gauging an appropriate amount for your first session can be a little tricky. THC hits and affects everyone differently, so there is no universal golden rule for dosage. Keeping that in mind, we’ve broken down some information to help give you a basic cannabis dosing guide to ensure an enjoyable experience.


Anyone who has been enjoying weed for decades will tell you the same thing: today’s weed isn’t what it used to be. THC content in cannabis has been steadily increasing over the years and the products reflect that. When you go to a dispensary, you will have options of only the best, so know your experience is going to be amazing. All products at dispensaries will be labeled clearly with their THC content. Generally, you will see between 10-20+ THC%. Novice users want to pick from the lower end of that spectrum. The higher the THC percentage, the more intense the high. Keep in mind, even the lower THC products are still potent and can pack a punch. Any strains over 20% should only be consumed by experienced smokers.

Flower and Pre-rolls

The easiest way to control your consumption is with flower or pre-rolls (joints), so we recommend these as a starting point. A “typical” dose is .25-.5mgs. Inhaling cannabis gives you the quickest high, as the smoke enters directly into the lungs and is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Start with a hit or two and let it soak in for 5-10 minutes. From there, you can slowly increase the dosage to your liking. Keep in mind, over time your consumption will increase as you build up some tolerance. As a rule, you want to start low and slowly increase until you hit your desired high.

Vapes and tinctures

Another good way to ease into cannabis is through vapes. Vapes are short for vaporizers, which turn your cannabis oil into a vapor, rather than smoke, byproduct. Vapes are similar to flower and joints as a pull or two are a good start. Follow the same guidelines as flower-1 or 2 slow pulls and evaluate how you feel for 5-10 minutes and decide from there.

Tinctures are a concentrate that is dropped and held under the tongue for a few seconds before swallowing. This allows for the product to enter the bloodstream via the salivary glands. Tinctures act more like edibles, as they take a little longer to kick in and less will do more. While edibles take about 30-60 minutes to kick in, tinctures take 15-30 minutes. Start with 1-2 drops under the tongue and wait about 30 minutes to see if you need more.


Offered in forms such as brownies, mints, gummies, chocolates, and more, edibles can be an exhilarating, but also unpredictable high. Edibles are probably the hardest product to gauge the best quantity for a desirable experience. With so many variables from weight, to body chemistry, to the size of the edible, there isn’t a one-off rule for edibles.

One thing to keep in mind is that edibles can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to kick in. Don’t think it’s not working after just a few minutes and take more-give it time before making that decision. Consuming foods with THC cause the liver to transform the cannabinoid into 11-hydroxy-THC. This causes the high to be more intense and longer lasting but also causes each person to respond differently due to body chemistry. When taken in the right dose, this can be an amazing and safe high. Dispensary-bought edibles are highly recommended as they offer a comprehensive list of information about the product and dosage, while homemade varieties are very hard to make exact servings.

Leafly.com has a really good chart for dosing and taking edibles-https://www.leafly.com/learn/consume/edibles/edible-dosing


Microdosing is a term for taking the minimal dosing of THC (generally 5-10mgs per dose) once or multiple times throughout the day. The idea is to take just enough THC to get your desired effect, but still function normally and go about your daily routine. A lot of us fall into this category without even realizing it. Just enough to take the edge off the day and center yourself, then maintain through the day. As well as being a normal daily routine for a lot of smokers, it is also a great alternative for consumers who have a low THC tolerance. This is a great cannabis dosing guide once you’ve gotten comfortable.

While there is no 100% way to perfectly determine an EXACT dose of cannabis, this guideline should give you a little framework when planning your experience. You should fare well if you start slowly and increase until your desired high is reached.  Just make sure you have some quality weed (we recommend Juniper Jill products, of course!), a calming environment, and good people to share your journey with.

Must be 21+. Please consume responsibly.