The beauty of rolling papers

April 26, 2023

While not every cannabis smoker prefers joints when they smoke, we have all smoked one at some point. Like many other things, not all rolling papers are created equal-there are a lot of variables to look for in a good paper. Once you have chosen your desired strain, next up is to pick your perfect paper and you are ready to roll (pun intended).

Even smaller gas stations and smoke shops now offer a variety of papers to choose from, which can be a little overwhelming. All papers are made from different types of fibers. The type of fiber you choose will affect how your paper rolls and smokes. Luckily, we’ve broken down some of the more common options to help make that choice a little easier.

Wood pulp

Traditional papers, like Zig Zags or Raw, are made from wood pulp. They are a favorite because they are sturdy and easy to roll. While they help with the rolling process, they can burn quickly and sometimes unevenly (canoeing).

Hemp pulp

As cannabis is derived from the hemp plant, it almost makes sense to use the plant itself to roll with. Hemp papers tend to be thinner, but still sturdy, and easy to roll. The taste of the paper is so light that you won’t notice any change in the natural taste of your bud. Hemp papers can be a little trickier to roll with, as they are thinner than wood pulp papers. Since hemp is an ultra-sustainable crop, it is better for the environment, too.

Rice paper

Rice papers can be a nice alternative to traditional papers as they are ultra-thin, but burn slowly. They can be a little trickier to roll, as they can seem almost slippery, but the result is worth it.

Flax paper

Flax paper is kind of like a combination of all the best parts of the rolling papers we’ve mentioned. These papers are thin like rice paper and are easy to roll like wood or hemp pulp. Because they burn cleaner, you get less smoke taste and get to enjoy the natural taste of the bud you’ve chosen.

Another option you will see on most rolling papers is bleached or natural. The only real difference between the two is color. “Bleached” does not mean chemicals are used to remove color. Most companies use an oxygenation process that removes any residue on the paper. No chlorine or bleach is ever used.

Novelty papers

Novelty papers are any papers that have flavors infused, characters or designs printed on the paper or are a solid, fun color. While these can seem fun to use, keep in mind that a lot of the papers and wraps that are flavored had more pesticides, chemicals, lead, and other contaminants than traditional papers. All of the designs printed can have harmful dyes that you will now be ingesting when lighting up. Instead of going in that direction, maybe try to roll a fun joint like a cross joint or tulip joint

Open pink grinder with boxed Raw cone.


For those of us who just can’t roll a good joint or who don’t have the time, a lot of stores are now selling pre-rolled cones. These little spliffs come with a filter and a telescoping cone that is only missing fresh ground bud. Just fill with your favorite weed, twist the end, and you’re ready to light up

The glue that binds us

One part that is essential on all rolling papers is the glue strip. This ingenious little strip of adhesive is essential in getting a tightly rolled, perfectly sealed joint with as little saliva as possible. While most brands use a natural-based gum arabic adhesive, some brands can slip some unwanted chemicals into their glue strip. Ensure you only use products showing all the adhesive ingredients listed on the packaging.

No matter how you choose to roll your joints, we just want to make sure you are making educated decisions on what kinds of products you are using. Not everything available is going to be good for you, so make sure you do a little research if you decide to try something new. We always HIGHly suggest Juniper Jill products! Whatever you do, make sure you have some good bud, good company, and good times.

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