The beauty of Moon and Sun rocks

June 5, 2023

Back in the day, you procured your cannabis, you rolled and you smoked it. End of story. Today’s weed is an entirely other ball game. Even buds are now being treated to increase the intensity of your high. When you take natural buds and treat them with oils or distillates and sometimes even coated in kief, you get what is known as Moon rocks and Sun rocks.

Moon VS. Sun

Sometimes called the “caviar of cannabis” or the “champagne of cannabis”, Moon and Sun rocks are buds that are treated to increase the THC content as well as the intensity of your high. With THC levels super high, sometimes just one or two puffs are enough for even the most seasoned smoker.

Blue background with Moon rock

Moon rocks are a term for buds that are harvested and processed, then coated in hash oil or distillate. The buds are soaked in the oil/distillate until saturated and then thickly coated with ground kief. These buds can be either from indoor or outdoor grows, but the treatment after that gives it its name. After this process, the buds are now super sticky and opaque and can test upwards of 50-60% THC content. Moon rocks can use any strain of bud, oil, and kief to create a unique flavor/effect combo, but can cause the quality to vary. Because they have such a thick coating on the outside, it can be difficult to tell the quality of the bud underneath. You want to make sure that the buds being used are also high quality to increase the potential of your high. Moon rocks have a distinct look of rock, hence the name.

Close up of jar with Sun rock.

Sun rocks are fairly similar to moon rocks, but are more like an enhanced version of moon rocks. An upgraded upgrade, if you will. Sun rocks use the same strain for each “layer” of the rock. The bud, distillate, and kief will all come from the same strain, which will offer a guaranteed high-quality buzz. Sun rocks are also made of the best quality products in each layer, not sacrificing quality. The most common strain of Sun rocks is OG Kush or one of its relatives. Because of the quality of the product going into Sun Rocks, you can find some with a THC content as high as 80%! Sun rocks can look like buds from far away, but up close you can see the outside layer is made up of various extracts.

How to smoke Moon and Sun Rocks

Most people recommend using a glass bong or pipe for smoking moon or sun rocks. Because they are so thick and sticky, trying to roll them into a joint or blunt can be a messy and aggravating task. For this, we recommend you stick to a pipe or bong. You will also want to forgo a grinder to avoid coating the entire grinder in a sticky mess. We recommend instead shaving or cutting off small chunks with a razor or utility knife and then adding them to your smoking device.

When adding your rocks to your pipe or bong, layer them with your cannabis and not just place them on top. This will ensure slow and even burning as the buds will burn faster than the rocks. If you go all in and smoke straight moon or sun rocks, be sure to break them up into small pieces to avoid your product burning funny and get a little of each layer. Hemp wicks are a good recommendation as well, as butane lighters tend to burn much higher and can burn or scorch your product, ruining the quality and potency of what you’re smoking.

While making Moon and Sun rocks doesn’t seem like such a daunting task, creating the cannabis distillate is a lengthy and arduous process and can require some tools and gadgets you most likely won’t have on hand already. Be sure to do your research to see if this is something you can take on. If you can make or obtain some distillate, the rest is easy. You will just need a dense bud, your distillate, and some kief. If you can get your hands on Moon or Sun rocks, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Just make sure you go slow as these rocks pack a BIG punch!

Must be 21+. Please consume responsibly.