Finding your preferred delivery system

October 4, 2022

Some people like to roll joints or blunts, some people prefer glass or water based pipes and bongs, some use a vape for their go to, and others like their edibles. Let’s take a look at some of the ways people are getting high these days.


Joints, blunts, and spliffs
One of the most classic and iconic ways to get high has always been the joint. Turn on a movie where they are getting high and chances are, they’re sharing a joint. You’ve got your options of paper size and adding a rolled filter, but every joint is the same-paper and bud. It does take some skill to roll a proper joint or you can end up with a mouthful of flower if it’s too loose, or no air passing through if it’s rolled too tight. If you’re smoking solo or in a small group, a joint is a good option to get everyone high. Large groups will need multiple joints to make sure everyone is satisfied.

Like the joint, spliffs consist of a rolling paper and marijuana. A spliff also includes some loose tobacco, which can add a little something to your buzz. Generally, a spliff also has a rolled filter at the pulling end. Again, something that works best in small groups or solo.

Blunts are the same idea of joints and spliffs, but rolled using cigar or tobacco leaves or papers. A lot of these are flavored which can dramatically change the flavor of your bud. Even the natural flavor is so strong it changes the flavor enough to notice. The smoke tends to be heavier due to the leaves vs papers, and you do get that little tobacco buzz like a spliff. Makes a larger roll, so it can satisfy more people.

A staple of bud smoking circles are glass pipes, or bowls. Slightly more discreet than rolled bud, glass pipes allow for a cleaner and larger hit. Hits tend to be smoother and tastier, as there is no paper compromising the taste of the bud. Most pipes are very durable and can be found in any design you could imagine. Glass pipes are preferable as they are non porous and easy to clean.

Bongs/water pipes/bubblers
Similar to a bowl, a bong is another filtering delivery system that gives a really smooth and effective hit. Using cold water and even ice gives a nice cooling effect. In addition to cooling, the water also adds another level of filtration for an even gentler, cleaner hit.

Dab rigs
Dab rigs are another type of glass and water delivery system, but no flower is used. A gummy substance called “dabs” or “wax” is made from covering cannabis in butane oil to extract the THC, which produce high levels of THC in the product. The dabs are then heated extremely high by using a handheld butane torch and inhaling the fumes. Dab rigs look similar to bongs.

The most discreet way to inhale cannabis is definitely the vape. Small, light smelling, and convenient make this a nice option for on the go. Leaves no lingering smell like a joint or even glass can produce and can be used almost anywhere. The high from a vape is also much more controlled and less Intense which makes it preferable to have while out and about. These do tend to be a little more expensive, but can be used while not in your own privacy and tend to last a good amount of time.

The MOST discreet way to ingest cannabis is definitely edibles. No one would be the wiser if you sat down and ate THC infused goodies right next to them. The thing with any edible is the high takes longer to hit, but can also last a lot longer and vary with effects. It can be harder to dose with edibles as they can hit each person differently and at different intensities. With edibles, it’s always suggested to start small, wait a little bit, and then take another small portion until you reach your desired buzz.

As with everything, there are endless options for your preferred delivery system. Make sure to speak with your local budtender for more guidance education on which system is best for your needs. No matter how you decide to enjoy, please just make sure it’s done safely and in good company.

Must be 21+. Please consume responsibly.