Celebs in the weed game

December 2, 2022

With the cannabis industry quickly becoming legal in many states and bringing in big numbers in sales, it’s no surprise that celebrities are jumping on the weed bandwagon. A lot of the celebrities that have their own lines of cannabis have been outspoken advocates for the majority of their careers. Here are some of the big names in weed today:

Snoop Dogg
Not surprisingly, Snoop has become a major player in the weed game. Long outspoken for his appreciation of cannabis, Snoop started Leafs by Snoop in 2015 in Colorado. He also owns Reef dispensaries with multiple locations in legalized states. Leafs offers 8 strains to satisfy its consumers.

Willie Nelson
If there were only one other person who has been a resounding voice for weed besides Snoop, it’s Willie Nelson. Willie has been an avid supporter and consumer of cannabis for decades and has been recognized as such and for being outspoken in favor of legislation for legalization. He also founded his company, Willie’s Reserve, in 2015 in Colorado. While there are currently multiple locations throughout Colorado, Washington, and Nebraska, he plans to open in every state that legalizes. Willie’s Reserve offers three strains in the forms of flower, concentrates, and edibles.

Tommy Chong
Tommy Chong has also been an iconic supporter of cannabis and started Tommy Chong’s to produce his 3 perfected strains. While he used recreationally for many years, he began an interest in medical marijuana after a 2012 cancer diagnosis. Using the plant helped his pain and side effects of his treatment. His goal is to get cannabis recognized as a viable medicine by the AMA for epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, MS, cancer, and other diseases and disorders.

Lil’ Wayne
Never one to deny his love of marijuana, Lil’ Wayne started GKUA Ultra Platinum in 2019. GKUA features 3 strains of the “best cannabis with the highest THC levels available.” Their product is sourced from experienced growers who produce plants that are very limited, incredibly potent, and nearly impossible to find. They also celebrate culture and artistic achievement by supporting new artists, fashion designers, dancers, visual artists, etc.

Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen is one of those actors that we’ve never see NOT high. It’s in his DNA. The next logical step was to start Houseplant, his cannabis company co-founded with friend and often co-writer Evan Goldberg. Started in 2019 in his home territory of Canada, their 3 featured strains are all named after weather systems from 2008’s Pineapple Express.

Jim Belushi
While his big brother, John, may have gone a different direction in his journey, Jim has been an avid supporter of cannabis for years. He founded Belushi’s Farm in 2018 in Eagle Point, Oregon. The farm features 6 strains and unlike many other celebrity brands, Jim’s farm is on his property and is manned by him and a team of 10-15 others. He says that being hands on in the field is crucial for him as a form of therapy to deal with tragedy and trauma from his past.

These are just a few of the celebrities to join the weed game. Everyone is jumping at the chance to get into this exciting industry and we certainly understand why. Keep your eyes out for new celebs jointing the industry.

Must be 21+. Please consume responsibly.